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Shutter Island Movie Review

Screen Island Movie Review Presentation In the film, ‘Shutter Island’ Martin Scorsese who is the chief has strange demonstrated a melancholy just as underhanded mental bother in the most acknowledged customary way. The film delineates the brain science of nursing work on demonstrating how intellectually upset patients in the emergency clinic can vanish without the information on nurses.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Shutter Island explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More For example, the film moves the watchers back to the time during the subsequent world war when Teddy Daniels nearby his new partner are convey to complete examinations on questionable vanishing of patients from haven implied for the criminal cases identified with brain research (Townsend, 2009). There emerges the test of security and human services administration conveyance to intellectually sick crooks just as the capacity of the attendants to manage search cases. Shade Island and Psychology Nursing Practice instead of a large portion of the movies of the twentieth century on mental disease, the screen island is without the new mental nursing practice. This gives an away from of a diminish mental turmoil where the confusion is equal to the hopelessness and the hazard while the debilitated is equal to the beast. In this way the executive of the film can't be constrained of a plan that is liberal. The Shutter Island rather rearranges the way that the shelter engages viciousness .This is upheld by the statement of Leornardo who shows that the mentally tested lawbreakers don't merit ‘calm’ (Townsend, 2009). The play turns around a valuable just as an uncommon possibility on the screen island to attempting to make sense of whether mind treatment can maintain the guards of the world war two survivors who are without sight, is damaged, and who has additionally gone an additional mile to attack the haven killing his significant other for having killed the youngste rs. This is a dull plot brimming with complexities and it gets progressively distrustful as the film passes by. It turns together topics about the Hoovers, mental preliminaries, foundations just as the Nazis which require a few endeavors by the organization holders. As the film advances, most characters will in general be one-sided towards the psychological wellness pioneer. The characters take a gander at this pioneer as a hero psychotherapist. This makes them to expect the way that their pioneer is a degenerate chief The lead therapist doesn't agree with lobotomy (psychosurgery) just as the appearance of new remedy for example chlorpromazine. For example, the Germany psychiatrics circular segment can be gone back to Nazi experimenter and afterward down to sober minded lobotomy. Ben Kingsley On the other hand establishes his insight in psychiatry to the experience he obtained while managing post awful pressure patients who were portraying nightmares.Advertising Looking for expositi on on workmanship and structure? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The lead therapists practice in any case, doesn't yield any natural product. This ascents a touch of caution to the present brain science of nursing practice which doesn't work for a large portion of the simple-minded patients. Such ineffective methodology performed by the lead therapists delineate a lope gap in the brain science of nursing practice. It additionally questions the confidence of psychotherapy putting a progressively distrustful and skeptical perspective to the mentally tested patients. All in all, the movie is very much coordinated, and painstakingly carried out with fine work in wellbeing foundations subtleties of the present social insurance establishments just as the security viewpoint encapsulated. Those characters that had a chance to work in human services establishments relate to the haven in the island. The individuals can concur that the d ifficulties experienced on the island are because of the clashing needs of both social insurance administrations and security. Never the less, the film finishes to such an extent that the vast majority of its viewer’s winds up with mutilated and bargained compassion to the brain research patients. This requires those in brain science nursing practice to acknowledge and grasp approach of new medicines to help spare the psychological cases. Reference Townsend, M. (2009). Mental Health Nursing:Concepts of care in Evidence-Based Practice (sixth ed.). Philadephia: F.A Davis.

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Parts Per Million Definition

Parts Per Million Definition Parts per million (ppm) is an ordinarily utilized unit of fixation for little qualities. One section for every million is one piece of solute for every one million sections solventâ or 10-6. Parts per million and different parts for each documentations (e.g., parts per billion or parts for every trillion) are dimensionless amounts without any units. Favored strategies for communicating parts per million include  µV/V (microvolume per volume),  µL/L (microliters per liter), mg/kg (milligram per kilogram),â â µmol/mol (micromole per mole), and  µm/m (micrometer per meter). The parts per documentation is utilized to portray weaken arrangements in science and designing, yet its significance is questionable and it isn't a piece of the SI arrangement of estimation. The explanation the framework is questionable is on the grounds that the fixation relies upon the first unit division that is utilized. For instance, contrasting one milliliter of an example with a million milliliters is not the same as contrasting one mole with a million moles or one gram to one million grams. Sources Milton R. Beychok (2005). Air Dispersion Modeling Conversions and Formulas. Basics of Stack Gas Dispersion (fourth ed.). Milton R. Beychok. ISBN 0964458802.Schwartz and Warneck (1995). Units for use in environmental science (PDF). Unadulterated Appl. Chem. 67: 1377â€1406. doi:10.1351/pac199567081377

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Bad and Good News Essay - 550 Words

Necessity to Balance Both Bad and Good News (Essay Sample) Content: Necessity to Balance Both Bad and Good NewsNameInstitutionDateAbstractNews agencies are seen as being the origins ofÂÂ  broadcasting news and selective information forthwith and efficaciously. Television, radio and newspapers are the vital organs that pass on this information. We all depend on them so as to get to know what is happening both locally and internationally. However, there has been a tendency of the media fraternity relaying what the audience considers to be bad news. Before news is relayed through the media, there's an editor who monitors what is to be published and what is to be released. The editor will consider a number of factors that include the organization's concern, target group and personal interest and the social responsibilities. Political disposition of the media house and organization also affects the type of news the public will be getting. The question is, why have the media organs decided to focus much on the bad news rather than the good ones, and is there any effect of this? Is the public in eager of the sad moments or is it just that bad news create a sense of gluing people to their channels? This is an essay debating on this matter.Keywords: good news, bad news, mediaNecessity to Balance Both Bad and Good NewsPromoting news is a big task for not only the youth but also old people in the media agencies. As indicated earlier in the abstract of this essay, the editor will be the determinant of what kind of news to be delivered. The major factors influencing this decision are the attractiveness of the news, target group interests and political situations.The target group is those people who read or listen to the news. Age, hobbies and virtues of audiences or readers will remain distinct. The youth and elders have different interests. Elders like those political news, the murder and so on whereas youths including teenagers are attracted to the famous celebrities. However, youths will also be glued to information touching on murder and criminal occurrence. They also get attached to their political affiliations in the sense of support and nurturing their future political careers.In this case, news editors are setting much attention on the so called bad news because there will be a larger audience comprising of both aged and young people. Even though they bring a sad mood, bad news should be aired so that a larger audience gets the adverts in between the news thus more profits to...

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Horror Films And Cinema History - 1560 Words

Throughout literature and cinema history, horror has been used to hide certain fantasies and reach into the deepest parts of the human conscience where their most inner fears exist. It was not till recently that horror characters were used to reach into other parts of the human brain: sexual desires. There are many horror films and books that show women falling for their alleged rapist, characters developing relationships with supernatural creatures, and girls wanting to tear the clothes off a vampire’s body. Vampires have been around since the 18th century where a flux of vampire superstition started in Western Europe. This caused mass hysteria and people being accusingly staked for â€Å"vampirism.† People were scared of the thought of these†¦show more content†¦Writers and filmmakers are wanting to bring in more people to the horror world or even wanting for viewers to have a different reaction to these monsters. By combining horror with different genres of film, they can bring in various types of audiences: one that includes women. Romantic novels have made a complete turn combining horror with romance. This is not a surprising twist due to various types of women’s fantasies and the obsession with romance novels. This is very popular with adult teen novels and tv series. Helen T. Bailie states in her article, Blood Ties: The Vampire Lover in the Popular Romance, â€Å"According to statistics brought out by Romance Writers of America, in 2009, the paranormal subgenre made up 17.16% of the popular romance genre, which in itself comprised 54% of all books sold by the publishing industry.† That is a lot of novels containing paranormal lovers in romantic novels. The most popular of the vampires is Edward Cullen from Twilight. This is the vampire that most young girls dream about when they sleep at night. He is not depicted as this scary monster that early vampires, like Dracula are seen as. He was created for women to fantasize over based on his looks, his car, and his very mysterious gaze. Edward even says in the book to Bella Swan that he is designed to be

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The Problem With Marriage Is Gender Roles. . When It Comes

The Problem With Marriage Is Gender Roles When it comes to communicating with other genders, each gender has their own way of displaying their opinions, but to communicate on the highest level, they need to understand the â€Å"rules† that apply to each gender. As presented by Dr.Pat Heim in her video, â€Å"The Invisible Rules: Men, Women, and Teams,† each gender is a â€Å"culture† in itself, raised with invisible rules of conduct instinctively known to all adult members of that gender. When it comes to marriage, how do these â€Å"rules† apply when one gender belittles the other?In addition to that, things that might come naturally to one gender culture can seem to confound another.So, as women’s cultural roles change more and more every day, are they†¦show more content†¦When most people get married, it is always the traditional way of marriage-the jumping over the broom, cocktail hour, cheers toasts, and party time. Even though going down the traditional path can have its ben efits, it can also take a turn for the worse. Some advantages of having a traditional marriage is sticking to the simple way, everything is expected of you, and you could possibly feel more comfortable. On the other hand, having a traditional wedding can be a disadvantage because no one is expecting anything out of the ordinary and you will feel much more comfortable expressing yourself with your partner. Now, what happens when you don’t feel comfortable with your spouse and your marriage has taken a turn for the worse? Is it going to bring out the worse in both of you? Is it just easier to go down the traditional route? The easiest public argument to make in defense of traditional marriage is to focus on the benefits of marriage ( Richards,2012). However, do some of those benefits cause the roles of women to change? Most women can pick and choose the role they want to play in any situation, but back in the day, women couldn’t decide for themselves because everything was already planned for them. Women were often stereotypes as happy wives and mothers. The only jobs that they had access to were as teachers, secretaries, and nurses. This cold society felt that a woman’s main goal was to get married, have children, and become an experienced housewife whileShow MoreRelatedThroughout The History Of The United States, The Concept1686 Words   |  7 PagesUnited States, the concept of marriage has changed substantially. Marriage and finding a partner is a tricky social practice in the U.S., as it brings with it the promise to share life together, finances, among many other crucial aspects of living. Today, because women and men have fairly equal opportunities to pursue their own education and careers, the concept of marriage has become challenging, causing two people who value independence so heavily to have to come together as one, and share resourcesRead MoreGender Roles Within The Social Sciences And Humanities1693 Words   |  7 Pages Gender Roles in Marriage Brandon Smith Georgia Southern University â€Æ' Gender Roles in Marriage Gender roles are defined as a theoretical construct in the social sciences and humanities that refers to a set of social and behavioral norms that, within a specific culture, are widely considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex. Gender roles differ between different sets of cultures but it is widely accepted that gender roles reflect the expectations that go alongRead MoreGender Roles And Gender : A Season Of Madness By Hanan Al Shaykh950 Words   |  4 PagesGender Roles And Gender Stereotype Problems in society Gender problems are big problems in society. Although today s gender problems are better than before, it still cannot be resolved completely. There are many kinds of gender problems. For example, gender role, gender identity, gender stereotypes and gender-equal problems. The short story A Season of Madness, by Hanan Al-Shaykh, shows some problems of genders and society. In A Season of Madness, the author tells a story of a Lebanese woman-Read MoreThe Myth Of Co-Parenting By Hope Edelman885 Words   |  4 PagesCo-Parenting; How it Was Supposed to Be. How it Was† by Hope Edelman and â€Å"My problem with Her Anger† by Eric Bartels both explain the strain child rearing and lack of communication can put upon a marriage. The two articles describe their personal experiences with this issue, but the authors have differing points of view on the subject. Although they have different perspectives, both Edelman and Bartels explore ideas of traditional gender roles and unrealisti c expectations in relationships. Edelman discussesRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Divorce1089 Words   |  5 PagesStanley, Allen, Markman, 2014). Healthy marriages are considered to be good for the mental and physical wellbeing of the husband and wife. As for the children, they get to grow in a happy home that provides them protection from mental, educational, social, and physical problems. However, the society may have been successful in getting rid of the stigma that is associated with ending a marriage, but it can no longer ignore the massive effects that come with it, especially to children. To the parentsRead MoreEssay about Intercultural Communication1561 Words   |  7 Pagesdefinition of â€Å"intercultural marriage† is explained as the marriage between partners from different racial, ethnic, national or religious backgrounds. Now intercultural marriage becomes a trend and receives a massive notice, which explains why it appears as frequent topic on several magazines, news, documentaries†¦ Many couples now are more interesting in this topic and also can have better advices in this field than they were 30 years ago, when intercultural marriage was such an unfamiliar and alsoRead MoreGender Roles : Modern And Fast Passed1144 Words   |  5 Pageshow can it be that it is stuck on something as prehistoric as stereotypic gender roles? Starting with the caveman to the men and women of the Victorian period and even to now in the twenty-first century, society has imprinted its own idea of what a man and women should be and the what role each should hold in society. The idea of what is appropriate in behavior and how one should act are most likely attributed to what gender they are. In the eyes of society, all are seen with a stereotypic lends.Read MoreThe Issue Of Sex Controversy1343 Words   |  6 Pagesand this used to be viewed as the only normal type of couple, however now it’s not uncommon to see couples of the same gender. Couples of the same gender have differ ent roles compared to couples of opposite genders. Same gender couples face different types of relationships issues that a straight couple may not have to deal with. Every type of couple though works through their problems in ways that make sense for their unique situation. Homosexuality controversy is often in the media, but everyday moreRead MoreOne Child Policy of China: Socio-Economic Effects1740 Words   |  7 Pagesin several different prospects of society that are often neglected by intellectuals. There main focus is always on economic and political reform, But in this essay main focus is on the china’s population and the cultural rituals of family, gender and marriage. To add more, further elaboration will be addressed on the changing trends in the Chinese culture based on these elements. China’s population is 1.3 billion that contributes to 1/5 of world’s population. China’s community has this believeRead MoreWhy Gay Marriage Is Wrong for Georgia 990 Words   |  4 PagesChristian state, gay marriage simply does not fit into our southern lifestyle here in Georgia. Georgians should not support gay marriage in this state because it violates the natural laws of the universe, it violates the word of god and his teachings in the bible, and it robs the children the opportunity to actually have a normal family life. Historically, since the beginning of man-kind, relationships that have occurred in nature have always been with opposite gender. Laws of attraction and

Diversigirl free essay sample

Born and raised in Hawaii, I, like the majority of locals, am a classic example of racial diversity. The cultural mixing pot that is Hawaii has prompted many culturally diverse experiences not unique to my own Filipino-Chinese-Caucasian heritage. Im able to explain how my family celebrates New Years eve, eating Hawaiian chicken long rice, Puerto Rican pasteles, Japanese sashimi, and American foods potatoes, just to name a few. Or how everyone, without question, takes off their shoes when entering anothers house, a Japanese custom of politeness. I could even elaborate on the many struggles of local teens trying to decide which one bubble to fill in to define their ethnicity on formal documents; is the fact that I am more Caucasian than I am Filipino mean that I identify more with that ethnicity? Not necessarily. Although I can describe all sorts of culturally unique affairs, lately, I have come to realize I really am lacking in experience with classic American culture. We will write a custom essay sample on Diversigirl or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page On a recent trip to Massachusetts, I spent a day visiting family in Plymouth. While there, I was introduced to an entirely new phenomenon, cranberry harvesting. First of all, Id like to point out that my only previous knowledge of cranberry farming was what they showed in Ocean Spray commercials: farmers standing in water filled with cranberries. Being the naive Hawaii girl that I am, I thought cranberries were grown in lakes and ponds as an underwater plant, sort of like seaweed. Once the berries were ripe, I assumed they were scooped up with giant nets of some sort, or painfully picked by hand. Little did I know that bogs are actually flooded as a harvest mechanism, and harvesters use massive vacuum-like devices to collect the berries efficiently. I was absolutely astonished by the entire process while my New England-native cousins stood by, less amused. Usually, Im the one explaining customs to visitors. This flip-flop of positions was a change, but a welcome one. I may bring a diverse, Hawaiian lifestyle to a college campus, but in reality, the college, and life in an entirely different region of the country, will bring a diverse lifestyle to me. I know my curiosity will help dip my paintbrush in a variety of cultural cans, whether it prompts me to join new campus-based organizations, study abroad in a completely new culture, or just learn which colors are appropriate to wear during different seasons. I start with an open mind, ready to transform from a clueless tourist to an experienced collegiate.

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The Ropes to Know the Ropes to Skip Essay Example

The Ropes to Know the Ropes to Skip Paper According to his dialogue with Stanley on page 53, It seems that Claude feels like he Is singled out for being black Instead of being viewed as an asset to the company sugarless of his race. The Company was breaking the psychological contract with Claude by treating him as a token. Ted has no faith in Clauses ability to increase their recruitment of professional minorities. While Claude was not interested in taking the recruitment position, he also felt he did not have the option to turn It down. Claude decided to put his best efforts In the recruitment of molesters. He assessed the situation and identified a more effective process to increase test scores among black recruits. 2. Motivation Management Achieving managerial goals involves strategy. Both interdepartmental teams and ion employees are led by managers who do not have direct authority over their employees. In this situation, managers need to sell their Idea rather than be direct. Using persuasive relationship behavior requires an understanding of the 6 tendencies of human behavior: 1 . Through the art of reciprocation employees will feel an obligation to return a favor if the manager uses this tool accurately. . The use of consistency to control and direct future actions will set expectations. 3. Social validation is important for a manager to understand because people look to what others are doing as a guide. 4. People prefer to say yes to those they like. 5. Expressing authority does not always support effective results. 6. A sense of scarcity produces an Increased desire. (Clinical pig. 562) Unions are effective at building allies through the process of exchange. Especially in an Analytic setting, ten manager needs to gal. adequate International auto ten ally before they can lead effectively. We will write a custom essay sample on The Ropes to Know the Ropes to Skip specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Ropes to Know the Ropes to Skip specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Ropes to Know the Ropes to Skip specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Unions often pay overtime if an employee works extra hours on the weekends. If there was no benefit to the employee, the process of reciprocity would not work. The virtuous spiral as described on page 588 explains the managers importance of insistently rewarding individuals for their performance. Proctor Gamble Has been marked b y many forward thinking efforts to establish a virtuous spiral relationship with its employees based on employee involvement and the development of leaders throughout the company. (Lealer Ill pig 589) 3. Is Frankly a Toxic Manager? Why or why not? According to Roy Lubing, toxic managers are a fact of life .. . (The Organizational Behavior Reader, 2007). Individuals with this style of management generally complicate work, drain precious energy and essentially derail progress. Learning to ell with such people can improve ones own health and capability in the workplace. In my opinion, Frankly exhibits traits of a toxic manager, specifically, he chooses favorites in the company the world is divided in two-his people and other people(Rite, pig 89). In my opinion, he does not fully understand the requirements of being an effective manager. Instead of using the strengths and weaknesses of his team, he pits employees against one another by playing favorites in turn creating an unhealthy work environment for anyone who is not on his list. Ben may have not been a toxic manager I the earlier years in The Company, but the organization has changed. Ben does not adjust well to change. Leadership values Bens ability to get the Job done, but his difficulty to work well with others forces managers to view him as a threat. Do you think Ben would like the corporate life here? Oh lord No (Rite pig 237). Interpersonal Communication 4. Provide an example of the effective use of communication from the Rite Book. Use the Achieving Purpose list from the class notes to substantiate your example. To be an effective communicator, one must master the art of active listening. A large part of effective communication is achieved by focusing on the recei ver and truly existing. Equally important is making sure the receiver(s) understand what has been communicated and responding appropriately to questions and concerns. A good example of effective communication in the Rite book occurred in Chapter 18: Ted suggests open communication to deal with the issues of opening the new Expanders Plant in Poachable. Ted cuts to the point and looks for a simple and direct way to communicate his thoughts and feelings. While Ted may not always be the best listener, overall this character provides us with a good insight into effective communication. Many of the other characters in Rite lack the skill set according to en Canceling Purpose last to De class as detective communicators. . Which characters in Rite are assertive, aggressive, and non assertive in their communication styles? Provide examples. Aggressive: Ben Frankly is an aggressive manager. Aggressive Managers are highly receive to certain things and seek to intimidate others. An example of Bens aggressive behavior is shown in chapter 18 of the Rite book. In this section, Ben and Ted are debating about a meeting that needs to be held. Ben is aggressive in his delivery on when and how the meeting will be held. Never you mind says Ben, I now what I am doing(Rite pig 93). Assertive: Ted Shelby has characteristics of an assertive manager. Ted is one of the most effective managers in the book. Ted does not take advantage of others, and is expressive and self enhancing. The differences in management styles between Ted Shelby and Ben Frankly are shown in chapter 9 of Rite. Ben and Ted are arguing about Stanley promotion in The Company. Ben is aggressive in stating that Stanley needs to stay put. Ted is clear I his reasons why Stanley deserves to move up in the company. Ben has kept him there so long that most people think of Stanley and the Lana web system as an inseparable team. Only rarely will someone like Ted Shelby think of some other kind of Job for him(Rite pig 53) Ted is highly successful because he knows what is best for himself and for others like Stanley in the Company. Non Assertive: Lessee landed a big sale and she expected her Boss Kerry Drake to reward or acknowledge her accomplishments. Kerry Drake is not very personable. Instead of rewarding, he identifies all the ways that Lessee should improve. It shows in this section that Kerry does not understand motivational theory and he shows self- denying characteristics and timid behavior. Subordinates viewed him as completely fair minded, a workaholic. He lacked the human touch. (Rite pig: 80) 6. Place at least 3 Rite characters on the Management grid and explain why you place them where you did. Ted Shelby IV is the impoverished manager. I think of Ted as the empty suit in the office. He exert minimum effort to get certain tasks done. In chapter 40 of Rite Ted Shelby is rearranging furniture in his office. Ted has plenty of extra time to attend Dry Faustus classes on participative management. Occasionally Ted Shelby might have a lapse of memory, but Kerry or Ben will be quick to set them straight. (Rite pig 187) Ted Shelby Sir. Believes that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. (Rite P 189) Ted creates a good environment to attend to the needs of people in the organization. He is The Country Club Manager. Ted is an effective manager of professionals. Ben Frankly although toxic at times creates a team of committed people. Ben develops a level AT trust Ana re spect to tense employees Tanat support Nils Otto Chapter 14 supports my notion that Ben is a team manager. In this section there is talk that upper management will do a review of Bens plant and his employees. Jimmy Kelley, one of Bens subordinates has been working the line for many years. The Company wants to evaluate the speed of Bens workers. That dumb bastard (Ted) is trying to come I her and hold a stop watch on our guys. (Rattier). Ben, although aggressive to upper management, is extremely loyal to those that keep his plant running the way that Ben likes it. Ben may not be a team manager to all in The Company, this section shows that his team comes first. 7. Level 5 leaders have the ability to set their individual needs aside I order to support the company. They want to build and stand behind a great company. Most executives over the last few years I the financial industries were not thinking like level 5 leaders. Greed and self interests plagues many companies which led to one of the largest recessions that our nation has ever experienced. If the organizations had more level 5 leaders, perhaps more attention would be placed on the financial statements and what is best for the company rather than excessive bonuses and lavish lifestyles. The lack of level 5 organizations has led to a collapse of many large companies. The businesses that were not built to last have created a trickle- down effect that has spread over a variety of industries and social classes. 8. The Company appears to want only managers and not leaders. Agree or disagree with this statement and provide examples from Rite to support your conclusion. Look carefully at Professor Faustus comments. The company is searching for both leaders and managers. A manager can maintain control of the organization while being able to administer a shot term view. A leader is innovative and has a more long term view. Leaders challenge the status quo and look to inspire. Dry Faust is a leader who knows how to be an effective manager. His role in the company as a university chairman and coach has many leadership characteristics. In chapter 29, Dry Faust provides a great distinction between a leader and a manager. Managements greatest folly is to believe that organizational members, when called upon to supply information that can affect their own organizational well-being can be neutral with regard to that information. Mangers pore over pages of stats that are tributes to little else than human creativity'(Rite pig. 135) this is a great example of how Dry Faust distinguishes his thought process from that of a manager in The Company. . 5 Bases of Power: Referent Power: Ben Frankly defends his subordinates interests. This is best shown in chapter 14 when Ben protects Jimmy Kelsey from the other managers. Ben although aggressive, is also sensitive to his subordinates feelings. In chapter Ted sensed Is In Tabor AT tens rating game ( pig dens flew AT ten world Is Tanat you take care of your people. Upper management finds it to be a challenge to work with Ben because he possesses such strong Referent Power as this section in the book indicates. Expert Power: Ted Shelby is knowledgeable in the framework of the organization. Ted coziness the concerns of his employees and promotes and image of an expert in his field. As far as he is concerned, the key to successful business is to apply the most modern management techniques. He cannot believe that anyone without an MBA could possibly know anything about running a company. Legitimate Power: Although Dry. Faust is not a manager per SE, he fits the characteristics of polite, confident, cordial, and provides the reasoning behind some of the other managers behavior. Throughout the book, Dry. Faust is looking to verify understanding from Stanley and others in The Company. Chapter 47 provides opportune details to why I believe Dry Faust would have legitimate Power. In Truth, Faustus reputation is more important than Stanley current 219) Reward Power: Ted Shelby IV is reasonable with his perception of how his subordinates should be rewarded. Coercive Power: Ted Shelby shows traits of coercive power. Ted administers punishment to his subordinates consistently throughout the book. In particular, chapter 23 shows how Ted warns Stanley before punishing him after he laid out the rules of working for The Company in New York. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut (Rite 114) yelled Ted to Stanley. As a result of Stanley disagreeing with Tees presentation, Stanley is punished and needs to go all around The Company and get to know his colleagues. 10. 8 Political Tactics 1 . Attacking/ Blaming others: In chapter 52, most of the characters in the book fell victim to the blame game. Ted Shelby passed a mess of papers to Stanley that said please exercise this at your earliest convenience(Rite pig 253)The chain of messages traveled through many channels of the company. No one ever stopped and asked for clarity. This was a great example of how each person saw plausible tenability in eyeing able to blame someone else out of their fears of being wrong about the interpretation of the message. 2. Using Information as a political tool: When Ted Shelby rolled out the Subordinate Readiness program in chapter 51, Kerry Drake was not completely in favor of the project. Kerry did however want to keep a high effectiveness rating with Ted. Kerry used the information he had about Stanley to his benefit. He knew Stanley was trying to get In good Walt upper management, so en passed ten outlet on to ml. Stanley was the messenger back and forth between Kerry and Ted. Stanley was being used as Seekers political tool. 3. Creating a Favorable Image: Ted Shelby IV was rearranging furniture in his office to accommodate a more welcoming feeling. He replaced a traditional executive table with a round table in an attempt to promote feedback. Kerry Drake was quick to educate Ted on the importance of creating a favorable image that upper management is elite and needs to be feared in a sense and also respected. 4. Developing a base of support: Stanley throughout the book uses this tactic as has way to improve his position in The Company. Stanley makes continuous efforts to support others while also earning the respect and support that he needs to move round within The Company. 5. Praising Others-ingratiation: Ted Shelby praises Erne Ernie Ron, the chief accountant in chapter 23. Despite Ermines monotone, routine presentation that lacked energy, Ted is praising Erne for a Job well done. This political tactic was used in this context because the presentation was part of the required process, and Ted intelligently knows to protect the integrity of the organization and its people. Stanley disagreed with Ted and was punished as a result. 6. Forming power coalitions with strong allies: In many chapters within the book, Ben Frankly uses his team to create strong allies from other departments and management within the company. Ben uses this political tactic as a way to try and avoid change in his plant and The Company. 7. Associating with Influential People: Stanley does this thought the book. As a result of his efforts, he moves swiftly through The Company and learns many valuable lessons on the Journey. 8. Creating obligations- reciprocity: Ted uses reciprocity o chapter 50. This chapter exposes the fundamental differences between Ted and Ben. Tees perception focuses on creating a corporate mentality that each subordinate will be rewarded if they play the game and and put forth a solid effort. Ben however has no interest in increasing his position in the company, and is therefore not motivated by the obligations that Ted is trying to create. 1 1 . Wright and Cropland believe that happiness should produce better Job performance and a better environment for their co-workers. I agree with the article. When employees are happy, they tend to be more optimistic and find positive outcomes in more undesirable situations. The articles both agree that psychological well being is the driving force for effective employee behavior.